Taking this shot was the easy bit. Early in 1990, drinks giant Pernod Ricard acquired Clan Campbell Whisky. Not having a Scotch in their stable, some 500+ sales personnel from all over Europe were flown to Scotland to visit Speyside and find out first hand about the whisky making process. My brief was to come up with a newsworthy photograph of this mammoth event. After looking at the four day itinerary and a quick call to the Duke of Argyll, the above photograph was born.

The front lawn of the Clan Campbell chief's residence, Inveraray Castle, was pegged out with the name and all participating were briefed as to where to stand within the pegged out area and, most importantly, when. A well-timed 22 minute helicopter flight from the centre of Glasgow resulted in the above photograph. I was very impressed by the patience of everyone in the shot. This photograph was wired to Reuters, Associated Press and Agence France Presse. It was published as far afield as the Sydney Morning Herald but more importantly in every major French National Newspaper. The marketing implications were incalculable.