Weddings - the most requested service. Over the years I must have covered hundreds. What I have learned in doing them is that they all follow the exact same format. Whether there are three hundred guests or twelve the procedure is the same. Speed is of the essence but more importantly an ability to become part of the day as opposed to being a "necessary hassle" is vital. I fully understand the feelings of everyone concerned and try to make the whole experience as painless as possible. Many a time as a guest at a wedding, I have waited around with everyone else while a photographer takes over.

Most of the time I have never understood why they were taking so long. I avoid this scenario completely. This photograph was "snatched" at a wedding in Cumbria. You either get this kind of shot first time or you don't. Ninety per cent of my weddings come from direct referrals and I limit myself to covering two a month. Please book well ahead of the big day and remember that after a few hours of mayhem all that you will have to remind you of the occasion, apart from your memories, will be the photographs.